Minor Home Repair Services

Minor Home repairs and renovation

Moshe Construction LLC specializes in any office, home, or commercial work. If you are looking for just some minor house renovations or some addition to your current house structure in New Jersey, we will be happy to serve you with our experienced team of experts and craftsmen.

Why minor home repairs?

  • Every house gets worn off and dulls at some place of time.
  • Sometimes, moisture and termites get the house to a cranking point.
  • Any minimal works like the window, door, or wall repairs are essential to keep the house at its best.
  • In a small house, contractors often decline the repair works, and you need to hire Handyman. That where we step in. Moshe provides minor home repair services in NJ on a contract basis.
  • Having small problems fixed prevents them from turning into major issues.

Our approach to minor home repair

  • Here we are talking about renovations at a small bungalow, row house or a flat. Big contractors but not us often decline these renovations.
  • We send an expert to analyze the problem. He then decides the course of action.
  • Moshe handles minor home renovations in NJ on a priority. Everything is done smartly to save the client's time.
  • Once the plan is finalized, our workers get into the job and finish is as soon as possible.
  • The costs are kept under control, and any major problems in the house are also reported to the client.

Our services

We provide our major renovations in NJ for multiple repair jobs and tasks such as:

  • Curtain installments
  • Bathroom repairs
  • Kitchen repairs and renovation
  • Basement finishing
  • Wall repairs
  • Painting and plumbing
  • Ceiling repairs

We finish each of these tasks one at a time. You can hire us as a contractor for minor home renovations in NJ, and we will keep a check on these repairs regularly.

Why choose Moshe?

  • Our dedication

Moshe employees are highly dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction. We do not care about the size of the repairs. We provide the same quality services to minor repair requests as we provide to major repair requests. This makes us the best local home repair contractor in NJ.

  • Pricing

Our pricing is highly efficient, and we provide a complete transparent report about how the price is decided. We show our customers how their money will be used when they hire our minor home repair services.

  • 24/7 Support

Wonder what else makes us the best option for minor home renovations in NJ? Our excellent client support system allows them to get their queries solved and give new instructions to the team at any time of the day.

  • Regular and timely service

When you hire our minor home repair services, we keep a routine of maintenance checks and perform minor home renovations whenever required. All our work completion is quick, and we finish well before the deadline.