Moshe General Construction, LLC offers high quality work performed by qualified professionals.


  • Addition to Existing Structure - Build
  • Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen & Garage - Remodel
  • Major Home Repairs (General Contractor)
  • Major Renovation - Multiple Rooms
  • Commercial and Residential


Moshe General Contractor Services:


They know you need a brilliant contractor in your area, and they are here to provide the respective services that are required to be done, in a smooth, hassle-free way. Whenever I think of “who’s the best general contractor in my area?” this place comes in mind. But why should you choose this general contractor home repair service and not some other contractor in the area?


  • They have the best knowledge and deep expertise on the topics of interior architecture and innovative and creative ways to deal with the construction. They excel at interior designing and do the smallest renovations or reforms to the biggest constructions.
  • Moshe has been crowned one of the best general contractors in my area, and in the country and are decorated with many regional and national awards, and they make sure they justify those according to the work they do and showcase to all their customers.
  • They have a very affordable and negotiable pricing structure, and it is very reasonable, and worth the quality of work and materials they provide you with.
  • They have a free of charge consultation center that will help you in times of need and requirement like when you will be stuck or in doubt with some construction work or renovation; they will give you the consultation services free of cost.
  • They have an online customer dedicated helpline center that works 24/7, and this helps the customer not only to ask queries unhesitatingly but also shows the availability of the best general contractor in my area at all times.
  • Moshe makes sure that they only touch a piece of work when they are sure that they will be able to complete it within the assigned time. They assure and guarantee the work they do so that you have a fuss-free and smooth satisfactory experience. They are the provider of the best general contractor home repair services.


The general contractor home repair services of Moshe also work on these designs as per the customer’s needs:

  • Residential Design – They strive to create a house of your dreams, and they do a flawless job at it. They provide bathroom, basement, major and minor home repairs and renovation including handyman & window and door repair services. Moshe works tirelessly and relentlessly along with following the three key rules they have, quality, creativity, commitment.
  • Official Design – Even though they do an amazing job for the residential part of the design, they know the chic, systematic, and elegant office designs you need for your workspace. Moshe helps you create those designs and elegant workspaces with ease.
  • Commercial Design – Along with those two, we even design commercial buildings with the same amount of precision and care to create beautiful and efficient buildings from scratch.